Environmental and Sustainability Policy  


Casson Mann is committed to providing the highest practicable levels of sustainability according to the client’s own best practice, and to actively recommending sustainable design approaches to our clients.

At a minimum, our projects must comply with current environmental legislation; we strive to surpass these legal obligations and ensure sustainability is core to our design practice.

We pledge to reduce our environmental impact. We recognise that this impact extends beyond our physical studio and have identified three key areas for change within this new policy –our office, our design projects and the sectors to which we belong. We pursue positive change through our internal Green Team, which meets monthly to identify concrete actions for minimizing our climate impact.

We are committed to innovate further – to be as imaginative and forward-looking in our green approach as we are in delivering beauty and securing visitor engagement for our clients.



· hold monthly Green Team meetings to determine actions for fighting climate change

· add to and fulfil targets outlined in our Green Action Plan

· foster a climate of openness and creative thinking about green solutions amongst staff at all levels

· make environmental considerations central to our decision-making processes

· monitor waste generation and management in our office and design projects through awareness, re-using and recycling

· reduce energy consumption in our office and design projects

· implement clear design strategy to address the above two objectives

· source products and services from organisations that practice sustainability

· push for change in our sectors – museums and design – by making use of our industry contacts and design expertise