France Bleu radio station praises Pressoria

France Bleu's Lilian Muller visits Pressoria during her stay in Aÿ-Champagne


Lilian Muller from France Bleu, part of the national public broadcasting group Radio France, introduces her listeners to the sensory visitor experience dedicated to Champagne.

According to France Bleu, Pressoria "is not a simple champagne museum, but indeed a sensory and interactive centre of discovery of champagne, in which visitors discover the history of champagne, its aromas, its specificities...while being involved during certain sequences."

"Visiting Pressoria is a real sensory experience and an effective way to learn more about Champagne."

Click here to listen to the episode.

Further information on Pressoria here.

"For champagne lovers, Pressoria is more than a must-visit place: in just a few months, it has become a real benchmark."

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