Blackpool’s museum of fun and entertainment

Showtown officially launched


We’re delighted to announce that Blackpool’s new museum was officially launched yesterday evening at Blackpool Tower Circus

Designed by Casson Mann, working with Why Not on graphic design and with True North on branding, the new museum will be called...Showtown! It will celebrate Blackpool’s special place at the heart of British popular entertainment.

Located on the Golden Mile, Showtown will explore Blackpool’s entertainment history, from seaside holidays and spectacular illuminations, to the personalities and tricks behind its star-studded dance festivals, magic shows and circuses.

Our immersive design celebrates Blackpool’s vibrancy and gives the museum a fun, attraction-like feel. Playful displays of original objects, such as Morecambe and Wise’s costumes and Tommy Cooper’s props, together with hands-on interactives, will allow kids and visitors new to Blackpool to discover the town’s amazing stories and visitors who know the town well to share their memories.

Showtown: Blackpool's first museum inspired by "joy and whimsy of town"

Molly Long

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